Maverick Detection System

  The Maverick Detection System is designed around a proprietary, disposable consumable containing an array of Photonic Ring Sensors constructed using silicon photonics technology. The system directly detects the binding of proteins or antibodies  to the sensor in real-time and results are analyzed simultaneously with the accompanying Genalyte software. Almost all of the most time consuming and expensive parts of assay development and sample testing are reduced or eliminated. 


The Maverick Advantage

Simple and Easy To Use
Washing, incubations, reagent additions and other processing steps typically required in other systems are automated or completely eliminated. Add reagents, press start and walk away.

Small Sample Volume
Photonic Ring Sensors are only 30μm in diameter, so sample volumes can be small. 2-5μL is typically enough.

No Crosstalk and Wide Dynamic Range
Maverick assays use no fluorescent labels or probes and every sensor in the multiplex assay is independent and read sequentially, meaning that cross talk is eliminated, while kinetic measurements give a dynamic range up to 8 logs.

Highly Multiplex
Every chip in every array has 128 separate sensors, meaning that many assays can be run without having to divide samples.

Maverick Workflow

Click to watch the video about the Maverick Advantage.

Click to watch the video about the Maverick Advantage.

1. Load undiluted sample into reagent plate. 2. Pipette to mix.  3. Insert preloaded reagent plate and chip array into instrument.  4. Press Start. The remainder of assay run is fully automated.