• Insulin
  • Proinsulin
  • GAD65 (Glutamate Decarboxylases) 
  • GAD67 (Glutamate Decarboxylases)
  • IA-2 (PTPRN, ICA512)
  • Phogrin (PTPRN2, IA-2β)
  • ZnT8 (Zinc Transporter 8, SLC30A8)

Using only 2μL of  and requiring minimal hands on time, the Maverick™ Detection System analyzes each of the target antigens in the T1D assay kit individually and reports out semi-quantitative results in ≈ 15 minutes.


1. Load undiluted sample into reagent plate. 2. Pipette to mix.  3. Insert preloaded reagent plate and chip array into instrument.  4. Press Start. The remainder of assay run is fully automated.